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Save the Date! North Texas Giving Day is coming soon!

Posted August 4th, 2014 by John Tolson

On Thursday, September 18th we have the great privilege to participate in the North Texas Giving Day again this year! As many of you know, we are working diligently to expand our Kingdom footprint and become a self-sustaining ministry through our discipleship books and resources. However, until the Lord opens those floodgates we continue to rely […]

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Life, Death, & the Certainty of Forever

Posted August 12th, 2014 by Punky Tolson

Like so many of you, I am grieved over the death yesterday of beloved actor, Robin Williams. And while I celebrate his life by remembering his brilliant life’s work, I can’t help but pose the questions that I’m sure many are wondering: • What happens when we die? • What happens when life on this […]

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More than a program, more than a Bible study, John and
Punky Tolson’s life-on-life discipleship is a modeled life-
of Christ taking the faith foundation we have learned
and reproducing that in someone else’s life. Sign up for
Free Life-on-Life Discipleship Coaching with John and

@punkytolsonRT @Lollypop4444: I thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness to Your covenant promises!
@punkytolsonMy Gigi girl watching @BethMooreLPM #LPLsimulcast with me! We are expecting God! #dogoftheword @LifeWayWomen
@punkytolsonRT @AdviceToWriters: Wear your heart on the page, and people will read to find out how you solved being alive. GORDON LISH #amwriting #wri
@punkytolsonRT @PastorTullian: "The slender capacity of man's heart cannot comprehend the unfathomable depth and burning zeal of God's love toward us."…
@drjohntolson#Arlington! Looking forward to meeting you today! Join me at Mardel for a Take a Knee book signing. 11AM-1PM
@drjohntolsonRT @Mardel_Inc: Meet Dr. John Tolson tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Mardel in Arlington, TX! @drjohntolson
@drjohntolson#Accountability isn't about conviction, it's about support and the journey forward.
@punkytolsonHey y'all! Get on down to Mardel Bookstore in Arlington & say hey to my man @drjohntolson!! He's a blast! #TakeAKnee
@punkytolsonEven when Israel did not obey & follow God into the promised land He did not desert them. And HE WILL NOT DESERT YOU!
@drjohntolsonIt's a great day for a book signing! Are you on your way? #Arlington #Mardel_Inc #TakeAKnee #BeThere! 11AM-1PM
@drjohntolsonRT @TheLeonShow: Tonight at 8pmMT Leon is joined by @drjohntolson to explore the deep need for #discipleship in the church today.
@punkytolsonWe welcome you, autumn weather... Lovely!
@punkytolsonMy gal pal @melrossmills modeling at the #Esteem fashion show to benefit The Elisa Project
@drjohntolsonRT @punkytolson: Hey y'all! Get on down to Mardel Bookstore in Arlington & say hey to my man @drjohntolson!! He's a blast! #TakeAKnee http:…
@drjohntolsonThank you Arlington! Enjoyed meeting you today! #TakeAKnee #BookSigning #Mardel
@drjohntolsonRT @RELEVANT: Meet your new 'Good Morning America' contributor, Tim Tebow. Maybe you've heard of him.
@drjohntolsonJesus consistently taught that #contentment is the result of #selflessness, not self-indulgence.
@punkytolsonRT @cottrelltravis: When you don't have time for a haircut, you just have to roll with it. This is me at the simulcast today:…
@drjohntolsonYou are only able to love yourself to the degree you understand God's love for you.
@punkytolsonRT @ScottyWardSmith: Christless, grace-less attempts at change conclude either w/ the praise of your own glory or w/ your shame. David Powl…
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“John and Punky Tolson always give nuggets for your soul. Before you know it, you have enough in you where life starts to make sense. John has walked with me and keeps walking with me…now it's 'Look out, world!"

Bradie James
Dallas Cowboys LinebackerFounder of Bradie James' Foundation 56,
“Punky is a trustworthy guide. She delivers truth with compassion that helps me get back on my feet when I stumble. I feel very blessed to have an incredible mentor like her in my life."

Karen James
Author of bestseller Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mt. Hood Tragedy and former Award-winning journalist for ABC, NBC, and CBS news affiliates across the country,
“John and Punky deal with real issues without offering pie-in-the-sky platitudes. They offer a plan of action for spiritual growth and personal development.”

Lee Roy Mitchell
Founder and Chairman of Cinemark Holdings, Inc.,
“There is no fluff in John and Punky Tolson. They don't pull any punches and are straightforward. They keep it real when they talk about men, women, and marriage. John and Punky offer insight, practical suggestions and encouragement.”

Pat Williams
Orlando Magic Senior Vice President,Author of Extreme Focus,
"If you want your life to count for something, connect with John and Punky. They will help you live a life that matters!”

Houston Cowan
Founder, Challenge America,
“You can trust John and Punky Tolson. They don’t offer a bunch of feel-good platitudes, only an honest look at the Bible and a realistic plan for implementing its wisdom.”

Norm Miller
Chairman, Interstate Batteries,
"Punky Tolson is a powerfully gifted communicator! The joy-filled spirit with which she shares biblical truths, combined with her transparency and love for Jesus, is profoundly effective to women who are longing for personal transformation and freedom. I have been so blessed, by the message of John and Punky, to encourage the importance of training up disciples through personal connection and the message of truth that emanates in them both."

Michelle Borquez-Thornton,
Author, Speaker, Executive Director of God Crazy Freedom Ministries
“John and Punky Tolson will help you cultivate an authentic relationship with God, who will then build your Christian strength from the inside out.”

Roger Staubach
Former NFL quarterback and two-time Super Bowl champion for the Dallas Cowboys
“I love John and Punky's down-to-earth wisdom which they deliver with the same raw honesty and everyday frankness people need. Their insight has added to my Biblical compass and it will do the same for you.”

Patrick Combs
MLB player, Philadelphia Phillies 1988 - 1995,Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Inc.
"Punky Tolson is one of the most gifted Bible teachers today. What sets her apart is that she imparts knowledge AND instills a desire to passionately follow Jesus Christ to all who hear her. Making disciples is what will change the world. John and Punky are doing just this!"

Carrie Headington
Founder, Good News Initiative,
by Dr. John Tolson
Inspired by the messages Dr. John Tolson has shared with professional teams before the beginning of each game, “Take a Knee” invites you into the locker room…

We help people grow in
committed relationship
with Christ, with self,
with others, and with
their community.
It is through faithful,
growing relationships
in these four areas
that we live fulfilled and
meaningful lives.
Life isn’t meant to be lived
for us alone. We are to take what
we have learned
and reproduce that in the
life of someone else.