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The Battle For Funding

Posted April 7th, 2015 by John Tolson

It’s not easy for me to consistently ask for your money to help support our ministry. But the reality is, we need it. We’ve just finished the first quarter of 2015. Our ministry’s funding for this year has had a slow start and we need to remind you of this reality. Our world is at … Continue reading The Battle For Funding

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Surprised by Motherhood

Posted May 7th, 2015 by Punky Tolson

I don’t think there has ever been a woman more surprised by motherhood than Sarah.  You know, Sarah: the beautiful wife of Abraham, the patriarch of our faith.  Sarah- the one who doubted that God could or would actually do what He’d said He would do.  Sarah- who got tired of waiting for God’s promise … Continue reading Surprised by Motherhood

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More than a program, more than a Bible study, John and
Punky Tolson’s life-on-life discipleship is a modeled life-
of Christ taking the faith foundation we have learned
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@punkytolsonSadly true. I pray we wake up from our Pollyanna-like oblivion quickly. Schaeffer nailed it in #AChristianManifesto
@drjohntolsonAs iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. #Proverbs 27:17 Do you have a person in your life challenging you to grow?
@drjohntolsonAmen @greglaurie! Make sure to put on the Armor of God each day #Ephesians 6:10-18
@punkytolsonRT @PastorTullian: "One day everything sad will come untrue."
@punkytolsonThank you for this, @BethMooreLPM. I add only my passionate and tearful Amen. ❤️
@drjohntolsonThis is the day that The Lord has made; I am going to #CHOOSE to rejoice and be glad!
@drjohntolsonOnce they began a life of service, they knew they would not be fulfilled doing anything else. Who are you serving?
@punkytolsonWow! This is a powerful and beautiful sight!
@punkytolson#Word! Let's do this, Church! It's what we're called to.
@drjohntolsonFriends hear and believe the #GoodNews of the #Gospel: we are #saved by #GRACE through #FAITH!!!
@drjohntolsonGod measures our faith not by how loudly we proclaim it, but by how practically we live it. #Jesus #disciple #followerofJesus
@drjohntolson#NelsonMandela proved the reality of his faith not by condemning others, but by leading his nation to treat the oppressed as God would.
@punkytolsonRT @jamesmacdonald: If your trust in God is limited by your understanding of His ways, you will always have a limited trust.…
@punkytolsonSuch a great #word this morning at Reunion!! Thanks Pastor Richard @TalkWithRichard #listen
@drjohntolsonRT @CSLewisDaily: “God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way.” ~ …
@drjohntolsonOur hearts are restless until they rest in Him.
@drjohntolsonWishing everyone a happy and safe #4thofJuly!
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"If you want your life to count for something, connect with John and Punky. They will help you live a life that matters!”

Houston Cowan
Founder, Challenge America,
“Punky is a trustworthy guide. She delivers truth with compassion that helps me get back on my feet when I stumble. I feel very blessed to have an incredible mentor like her in my life."

Karen James
Author of bestseller Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mt. Hood Tragedy and former Award-winning journalist for ABC, NBC, and CBS news affiliates across the country,
"Punky Tolson is a powerfully gifted communicator! The joy-filled spirit with which she shares biblical truths, combined with her transparency and love for Jesus, is profoundly effective to women who are longing for personal transformation and freedom. I have been so blessed, by the message of John and Punky, to encourage the importance of training up disciples through personal connection and the message of truth that emanates in them both."

Michelle Borquez-Thornton,
Author, Speaker, Executive Director of God Crazy Freedom Ministries
“John and Punky deal with real issues without offering pie-in-the-sky platitudes. They offer a plan of action for spiritual growth and personal development.”

Lee Roy Mitchell
Founder and Chairman of Cinemark Holdings, Inc.,
“John and Punky Tolson always give nuggets for your soul. Before you know it, you have enough in you where life starts to make sense. John has walked with me and keeps walking with me…now it's 'Look out, world!"

Bradie James
Dallas Cowboys LinebackerFounder of Bradie James' Foundation 56,
“John and Punky Tolson will help you cultivate an authentic relationship with God, who will then build your Christian strength from the inside out.”

Roger Staubach
Former NFL quarterback and two-time Super Bowl champion for the Dallas Cowboys
“You can trust John and Punky Tolson. They don’t offer a bunch of feel-good platitudes, only an honest look at the Bible and a realistic plan for implementing its wisdom.”

Norm Miller
Chairman, Interstate Batteries,
“I love John and Punky's down-to-earth wisdom which they deliver with the same raw honesty and everyday frankness people need. Their insight has added to my Biblical compass and it will do the same for you.”

Patrick Combs
MLB player, Philadelphia Phillies 1988 - 1995,Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Inc.
"Punky Tolson is one of the most gifted Bible teachers today. What sets her apart is that she imparts knowledge AND instills a desire to passionately follow Jesus Christ to all who hear her. Making disciples is what will change the world. John and Punky are doing just this!"

Carrie Headington
Founder, Good News Initiative,
“John and Punky deliver cut-to-the-chase, bottom line truths to help men and women change the world. They do an amazing job of helping churches help individuals be about the process of making disciples who will in turn make disciples.”

Richard Ellis
Senior Pastor, Reunion Church,

4priorotiesThe Four Priorities
by Dr. John Tolson and Larry Kreider
Through a creative mix of case studies and scriptural illustrations, The Four Priorities presents an easy-to-understand model for balancing the four priorities of Christ, self, relationships, and the world.

We help people grow in
committed relationship
with Christ, with self,
with others, and with
their community.
It is through faithful,
growing relationships
in these four areas
that we live fulfilled and
meaningful lives.
Life isn’t meant to be lived
for us alone. We are to take what
we have learned
and reproduce that in the
life of someone else.